37H路線修正 Amendments of route 37H

就嶼巴的37H路線問題,早前我與幾位東涌區議員,一同與嶼巴公司代表會面。會上反映過居民的意見後,巴士公司同意向運輸署提出以下的路線修正,現正待運輸署批准。 ----------------------- 1.1 – 將37H號線由循環線改為兩邊總站,即分開為別由迎東邨至滿東邨及由滿東邨至迎東邨,並展示滿東邨開出時間,可改善路線冗長的問題。 1.2 – 將容易令乘客混淆的重複巴士站點刪除 (附圖有關建議的37H路線圖)。 1.3 – 取消往迎東邨方向的健東路巴士站,改為停在映灣園一期巴士站,以減少不必要的行車時間。 ------------------------ 未來我與其他東涌區議員,將繼續作出跟進。如有問題,歡迎隨時與我聯絡

Regarding the issue of the route 37H of the New Lantao Bus (NLB), I and other Tung Chung District Councillors met with representatives of NLB earlier. After reflecting the opinions from the residents, NLB agreed to propose the following route amendments to the Transport Department (TD), which are now pending approval from the TD. ----------------------- 1.1 - To change the route 37H from a circular route to a two-way terminus, i.e. from Ying Tung Estate to Mun Tung Estate and from Mun Tung Estate to Ying Tung Estate respectively, and to make the departure time from Mun Tung Estate available online so as to cut short the route. 1.2 - To remove the duplicated bus stops which are confusing to passengers (the proposed 37H route map is attached). 1.3 - To remove the bus stop at Kin Tung Road towards Ying Tung Estate and stop at Caribbean Coast Phase I bus stop instead so as to reduce unnecessary journey time. ----------------------- I and other Tung Chung District Councillors will continue to follow up on this issue. Please let me know if you have any comments or concerns

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