About Kaho


李嘉豪,自 2007年畢業於香港樹仁大學輔導及心理學系,一直投身於推動民主的運動中。於2017年更走到地區前線,擔任東涌地區發展主任;至2019年上任東涌中區議員。

Ka Ho Lee, graduated from Hong Kong Shue Yan University, majoring in Counselling and Psychology, and has been participating in democracy movements. In 2017, I worked in the front line as a Tung Chung Development Manager; and have been working as a Tung Chung (Central) District Councillor.


Social issues in Tung Chung have been constantly be resolved after my inauguration, including renewed facilities in Tung Chung North Park (community improvement) and followed up on overpricing issue in Tung Chung wetmarket (livelihood issues), to help Tung Chung to be a better place and increasing the quality of life.


As a 80’s Hongkongers, I would love to stand in the frontline for Hong Kong and for Tung Chung. With your support, we could hold hands and face the up-coming challenges and changes.


Ships will not sail steadily in the storm, we have to try our best to hold on and look forward to the daybreak. We have been through some dark days since my inauguration and we will be breaking the dawn together. Stay strong, Hongkongers!